Mobile Sample Preparation Service

Mobile Sample Preparation Service

Preparation of rock- and drill core samples as a service, wherever you need it.

Our concept consists of a mobile preparation unit and trained staff. Samples are prepared at the site, when only small samples are sent to the laboratory and require transportation. The samples have a fast turnaround time and preliminary analysis results are already available after the preparation.

The benefits of the service include minimizing the need for transportation, faster sample turnaround times and preliminary results, eliminating the risk of cross contamination, and a significant reduction in carbon footprint. 

Our concept is tailored to your samples where you need it.​

Mobile Sample Preparation Service

  • Pre-treatment of rock and drill core samples
  • Trained staff
  • Mobile 
  • Tailored for customer's need
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

  • On-Line follow-up

  • No cross-contamination risk

Fast turn-around time, with significant reduction of transporting costs and carbon footprint!

Sample preparation development environment

Our sample preparation development environment in Nivala laboratory, enables testing and optimization of equipment’s for all rock samples. The construction of the development environment has been supported by European Union.