Rupert Finland

EHSQ management services and pre-treatment of drill core samples for Pahtavaara mine.

ELY: Hitura

Consulting related to mine closure and water monitoring.


Testing water treatment chemicals.


Testing the activated carbon cleaning capacity and analysis samples from water treatment pilots.

Energy authority

Energy advice service in Lapland, Kainuu and North Ostrobothnia 2019-2025.

Kaustinen seutu

Biogas guide in digital and printed version. Check out the guide here.

Ruutikangas shooting range

Certified sampling and statements on samples.

Vestia & Ytek

Project planning, creation of a consortium and funding application, and launching of the battery recycling park.


Baseline report, monitoring program required by the environmental permit, run-off waters monitoring and analyses.

Ramboll & Huesker

Monitoring and analysis of reactive water treatment pools.

Kaustisen seutu

Factors affecting the demand and profitability of biogas for the KIERTH₂ON 2.0 project.


KEINO-change agent in North Ostrobothnia. We advise and support public and innovative procurement in the area.