Water treatment tests

Water treatment tests

Laboratory tests

In our laboratory, we can test a wide variety of water treatment solutions on a small scale. The best solutions can be tested on the pilot scale on our test field.


Column tests

Water purification capacity of different materials can be measured by column tests analyzing water contaminants in inflow and outflow. In addition, it is possible to test the deterioration or dissolution of the materials in the column.

  • Experiments can be carried out as continuous
  • Flows from 0.02 ml/min

Examples of tests:

  • Activated carbon shaking tests to determine the purification capacity
  • Comparison of phosphorus precipitation chemicals

The closed mining area enables authentic water treatment testing.

  • The area including pools and wells, dams and pipelines, which are modified to need
  • The area allows for continuous testing
    • Possibility of 1-20 m3/h flows
  • Inflow in the area is sulfate and metal-rich water
  • Examples of reactive materials tested in the area:
    • Geopolymers
    • Activated carbon
    • Filtration mats
    • Active dams

We also provide water treatment tests as a full service:

  1. Tests plans
  2. Designing and building a test equipments

  3. Sampling and analysis of samples

  4. Interpreting and reporting results

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