Algae cultivation

Algae Cultivation

Feasib offers algae cultivation as a service:

  • Algae spawns and samples
  • Algae cultivation in small and pilot scale.
    • In co-operation with CircLab, up to the 800 litres per batch.
  • Operating on algea cultivation equipments in CircLab
  • Analysis and measurements related to algea cultivation
  • Algae harvest

Demonstrating nutrient recycling and future technologies -


Piisilta 1 (A-siipi)

91100 Ii

The environment enables large-scale piloting and demonstrating of nutrient recycling technologies, products, and services. The R&D environment can be used as a tool for developing circular economy models.

CircLab offers a process-scale piloting and analysis equipment. Thus, the size of the equipment does not limit the research.

The premises are open for companies and research organisations. Based on feedback and wishes from the customers, the available services and equipment are developed continuously.

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